Patch version 0.8.55

Tiny patch that fixes the possibility that some key storyline planets don't have the name of the system they're in (which they should have) but instead another planet in this system has that name. The planets will still be there and although some dialog might refer to the wrong name the storyline objectives when clicked will still point to the right planet.

You can see it in my own playthrough of TAXINAUT which will soon start on my youtube channel:

The bug is due to a recent change and will only rarely occur. The following games will NOT be affected or are now fixed:

  • New games (started with or after this patch).
  • Games started before the recent change (V0.8.41) that introduced the bug.
  • Save-games where the player hasn't ever heard of those planets yet.

Save-games from games started after that change where the player has already heard of the planet(s) in question will possibly still have the problem. To work around it just make sure to use the storyline objective (click it) to set your destination to the right planet. To fix it for all save-games would technically be very awkward and might possibly introduce other bugs or confusion. My apologies for this.


Possible affected planets are: Haion, Siddartha, Habat, Zaun, Aultac and Xenis (they might have another name).

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7 days ago


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