Patch version 0.8.53

Another small patch in response to some issues that Luke brought up. Luke is the first that I know of to complete the full "Birdie" storyline. Congratulations Luke!

  • Put some story & comeback items, drinks, drugs and other things under their right item-filters (e.g. "clone" filter).
  • Fix various unique story NPCs showing up as random people when wild landing on Draun planets.
  • Fix "Gum Dealer" storyline not updating or completing.
  • Fix galaxy-map filter showing all recorded instances of selected sites instead of just those that are known.
  • Fix "Access to ARAN space" storyline doesn't advance in some cases.
  • Fix Player can still "GO' on Expressway or "DEPART" from SpacePort even when UI is locked (e.g. when passenger is giving guidance and a Dialog is open).
  • Certain story NPC when guiding player makes system where objective is known as soon as they give the player guidance to that system so that the player doesn't have to identify the system themselves (e.g. with an astro-scan).
  • Completed storyline objectives now can still be clicked to set destination to that objective.
  • Fix possible crash during "Hounds of Nova".
  • Fix Danwja doesn't have a voice sound.
  • Added Luke as a possible random passenger as a reward for being the first to complete "Birdie".

And some other things I can't really mention here because they're full of spoilers.

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14 days ago


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To click and get destination for objective - it is a really cool feature. 

It was requested by a Player.