Patch "The great Luke" version 0.8.51

Patch for several issues that Luke brought up. Thanks Luke!

  • Fix crash when accessing certain storyline topic while in space.
  • Fix certain storyline not completing when Player already has a stunbolt.
  • Fix hovers on bar clientele not correctly sized and positioned when larger font is used.
  • Fix unable to unlock promised item near the end of a certain storyline.
  • Fix crash when having HUD on and having a destination set to a location in a deeper dungeon while in a dungeon.
  • Fix (hopefully) crash when tabbing out of TAXINAUT in sightseeing mode.
  • Fix getting a room at inns on Laudranu does nothing but take your vudu.
  • Fix certain storyline trader saying they sell armor plating actually don't.
  • Fix certain achievement has the text of another achievement.

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40 days ago


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