New version 0.8.49

This is a very small update fixing/improving 2 issues:

1. On some planets with traffic-lanes the lanes aren't shown when over water.

2. ALT-TAB not working on some systems (in particular Window 10/11 with RTX cards using OpenGL renderer). I spend a day on this but can't really fix it. It has improved and I have added keyboard shortcut SHIFT-ESCAPE that at least on my RTX system always minimizes TAXINAUT. You can also use the WINDOWS-KEY which seems to always get you out of TAXINAUT with the ability to click some other app on your taskbar. ALT-TAB is still iffy but it does seem to work better and not lock up the system as much as it did before. If this update gives other problems when ALT-TAB, minimizing, etc. and you didn't have this problem before than you can turn the new behavior off in SETTINGS under DISPLAY set Suspend draw-loop on window deactivate
to OFF


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47 days ago


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