New version 0.8.33

This update should make it easier to make vudu using your taxi-company membership and make it more feasible to carry weapons and drugs.

  • Fix things like being on fire not removed when cycling.
  • "LAND" item can now also trigger descent to Planet (Luke).
  • Storage containers are now consumables (1 use per one you buy) but are a lot cheaper.
  • Item stashed in a storage container are now not lost upon cycling (you can fly to your container and pick them up after cycling).
  • Callout surcharge is now 4000.
  • Callouts occur more regularly.
  • When contacting Taxi Company HQ you can ask where the nearest dispatch is.
  • Taxi Company Dispatches now sell warp-jumps and anti-grav charges at half price to members.
  • Taxi Company Dispatches now provide free 'damage patch' to members.
  • Fix Callouts aren't scheduled when Player renews membership while in system where that taxi company is active.
  • The chance of a random check by security is now lower.
  • When caught with illegal items during a security-check the player now doesn't get a ticket or fine anymore but the items are still confiscated. However, if the player is caught during a customs-check and they didn't declare their illegal Items they still get a ticket.
  • Warp jumps now all travel 10 times as fast.
  • Warp jumps, scanners, anti-grav charge and basic weapons all had their prices adjusted. Some are more expensive others cheaper. In particular 'warp-jump cat iii' is now more expensive.
  • Prices of items at the home store are now 25% of base-price instead of 33%.
  • Expressway speed is now double what it was.
  • Fix some possible crashes.
  • Fix morula not removed on cycling.
  • Base price for night vision is now 60 (0.03D).

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