New version 0.8.24

Another collection of small bug-fixes and adjustments.

  • Fix possible crash when opening SystemDetails (Thanks to Bai).
  • Fix 'being a taxinaut' also completes when you rent a home after talking to Vietnam (Thanks to Luke).
  • Buying directions to a Planet/Station from Information now also gives knowledge about it so you can see its ZoneDetails and its place on the system mini-map will have an appropriate icon (instead of still a triangle). (Thanks to Bai).
  • Buying directions to a Planet/Station from NPCs has a small chance to do the same as above when buying them from Information. (Thanks to Bai).
  • Fixed fare (long distance passenger) now has it possible for the Player to sleep at a motel. (Thanks to Bai).
  • 'Stop when landing' setting that when 'ON' will make it so that when you takeoff you don't immediately move off at the speed you landed at. (Thanks to Atova).
  • Hopefully softened the quack voice a bit. (Thanks to DJ Dostoevsky).
  • Fix can't get out of cloud dialog (residence Dialog) on bought Homes. (Thanks to Brian).
  • Added clause to EULA for people donating content.

Next I will be looking at making the game possibly more friendly to gamepads etc. Can't promise anything yet but that's what I will be spending coming week on.

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