New version 0.8.22

This one fixes a few small things and adds the "Laid-back Yamo" setting that you can use to make Yamo perhaps less frustrating.

  • Fix NonComplaintTraffic's accident(...) implementation was never used causing for example Yrah birds to still give normal damage like other Traffic.
  • 'Laid-back Yamo' can be used to make the starting planet (Yamo) a bit less frustrating.
  • Popup on 'new game' to explain that you can use the 'Laid-back Yamo' setting if you don't like the starting situation.
  • Fix Xenis night transporters and other NonComplianTraffic not traveling at the desiredSpeed.

I chose to get this one out quick because I think the "Yamo situation" was making some people not want to play.

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66 days ago


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