New version 0.8.15

Fixes some minor bugs and adds a small new storyline.

  • Fix Possible crash when redrawing MapInformation Directory ZoneRecords while just leaving a StarSystem (see drawZoneRecord(...)).
  • Fix weapon dealer stocks unlimited specials (like guns).
  • Fix oracle storyline costs not correct.
  • 'WASHING AWAY THE SCUM' small storyline.
  • Fix spelling mistake in motelexplanation Dialog (Thanks to Taolaen).
  • Fix can't save at Places even if 'Allow manual save' is set to 'AT ALL SITES' (Thanks to Brian).
  • You can't get depressed by sleeping at Home now (Thanks to Luke).
  • When getting directions you can choose whether you want a bookmark to it added or not. (Thanks to Brian).
  • HUD item now remembers its setting when reloading. (Thanks to Luke and Brian).
  • Fix cryxex still giving Enigma's (Thanks to Luke).
  • Space toggles pause. (Thanks ArquebusX and Atova).
  • Keyboard and gamepad accelerate/decelerate should feel slightly more reactive because they now occur on key-down instead of key-up.

7 days ago


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