New version 0.8.12

This one fixes some bugs reported by various cabbies. One reported by Bai was particularly "dangerous" since it could corrupt your save-file:

  • Fix TAXINAUT won't start on systems with some kind of assistive technology enabled (Many thanks to Arrakis).
  • Fix crash when clicking 'ADIOS' while traveling with galactic-liner (Thanks to the great Bai).
  • Fix possible save-file corruption when clicking 'jobs' Topic because jobs List in Jobs Item is never cleared when loading a game (so the List keeps doubling in size). (Thanks to Bai the Magnificent).
  • 'Allow manual save' setting can now be set to 'NEVER', 'AT SELECTED SITES' and 'AT ALL SITES'.
  • Fix 'traffic control' Item not added at the start of a new game. (Thanks to Brian 'Space Game Junkie').

I know others also reported things but I haven't gotten around to them yet. I kinda wanted to push the fix for the save-game corrupting bug out as quick as possible.

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10 days ago


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