New version 0.7.67

Some big changes in this version:

For one, dying is now different. It's called "recycling" and when you die instead of keeping all your damages and injuries they are all removed. However you will also lose all material items on your cab (e.g. warp-core). Your VUDU will also still be set to 1. Your bank-account will remain untouched. Any permits, psychological items, abilities, bookmarks, etc. will still be there. All locations you know you will still know.

There are now tutorial messages that appear in your bulletin-board where appropriate. These are controlled by the tutorial "L" item. The "L" item now also gives some breaks and makes some things a bit easier. 

Your cab, when sustaining too much damage will now at first start to crash. You have then 10 seconds to land. After landing you won't be able to take off again unless you can repair the damage to your take-off system yourself. You will also be able to contact a known garage to come and give you a tow. Of course depending on the distance and the situation this can cost a lot of VUDU. If you are unable to do any of these there's now a "recycle" item. Clicking on it will cause you to be "recycled" (see above: The new dying mechanic).

My overall aim has been to make the start game a little more accessible and make dying a little less frustrating in the beginning. Of course as you gather expensive and hard to get equipment, dying now becomes more frustrating.

Be well cabbies!


- Default soundsystem back to soundsystem=2 (it didn't work reliably
  under Linux).
- Better closing of all MClips when applications exits.
- Soundsystem=5 and 6 now also make engine and ambient sounds use the
  regular (non-tinysound) soundsystem.
- Change all text files over to UTF-8.
- Log jvm default charset.
- Build for Linux.
- New soundsystem=5 or 6 that's exactly like soundsystem=3 or 4
  (TinySound) except for music which will be played with soundsystem=1.
- Changes to Build for TinySound.
- Took out 'simple minded prick' out of passenger taunts when they get
  crazy angry because after seeing somebody suffer it I realized it was
  a bit much.
- New default soundsystem using TinySound library.
- Additions and corrections are now done when save-files of older
  versions are loaded (Galaxy.updateForVersion(...)). In particular
  this time the 'recycle' and 'zone information' items are added.
- ZoneInformationItem (quick button to get to zone-information for
  current zone).
- Fix motel explanation still talking about old game-over mechanics.
- Tutorial bulletin for first pick-up.
- Pick-ups now by default say full system, planet and place information
  instead of just the place name when on the same planet to hopefully
  confuse people less. (Configurable with 'alwayssayfulldestination'
- Interacting with mobs (except PickUps) now doesn't do the landing
- Fix StorageContainer not showing StorageContainerUI popup when
- Fix mobs not being drawn before game is unpaused (looks stupid
  when loading game and other situations).
- Remove recently added condition that game-time must be running for
  TaxiUI.drawLoop to update mobs (cause of both issues above).
  (This was done for dragon-head turning in wrong direction during
   landing animation but this is now not a thing anymore so it's not
   even needed and caused to many other problems like those above).
- Fix engine sounds not updating when entering or leaving stations.
- Tutorial item bulletins when certain situations happen the first time
  (e.g. first time recycling, being injured or damaged, crashing,
- Bulletins can have icons and can flash (e.g. TrafficControl bulletins
  now flash and have an icon).
- Bulletins that give location references now have an icon.
- Game-over/dying is now called 'recycling'. There's no more revival
  fee and all your damages and injuries are removed but you also lose
  all your material items (and some others). Vudu is still set to 1.
- Too much cab-damage now first results in the cab crashing. You can
  then possibly still call for a tow.
- Recycle button that you can click to force a recycle in case you get
  stuck (e.g. your cab is too damaged to take off but you can't pay for
  a tow).
- Fix StorageContainer not removing certain useable items when Player
  already has some of these (e.g. stun-bolt).
- You can't wait, initiate repair or order a tow anymore if you've
  landed but are still being hunted.
- NonCompliantTraffic can now optionally have a chance to only do light
  damage when crashed into (e.g. Yrah birds).
- Landing button doesn't flash anymore (was just confusing).
- Item.playerReady() new method that's called way at the end when
  everything is generated and loaded including the Player.
- Removed exaggerated landing gear sound.
- Fix PlanetarySetDefinition.specialSiteCount(...) doesn't include
  SpecialSites from layout.
- Fix set=0 defines a weapon-dealer both on the surface and in the
- Fix crash when clicking on 'puke and die'
  SpecialSiteReferenceBulletin when it refers to a planet outside of
  the current system.
- Fix SpecialSiteReferenceBulletin still sometimes showing wrong UI
  colors (e.g. day colors at night).
- Tutorial bulletins when dying first time and when contacted by
  traffic control the first time.

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Mar 30, 2020


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will this come with a steam key when it gets to version 1.0


Hi, that has always been my plan. I'm assuming there's some way for me to give itch purchases a steam key (or link it or whatever) and vice versa in a way where I don't have to verify myself that each person I give a key has actually purchased the game. If that's the case then yes. I'm putting TAXINAUT on steam Early Access probably this summer and if possible will give all itch purchases a steam key.

cool i saw the game on SGJ podcast and loved it cant wait for it to get on steam