Plan for the coming year

For the coming year I will be working towards getting TAXINAUT to V0.9 (and hopefully V1.0). To do this I'm planning to try and spread my time evenly over the following 5 areas (in order of priority):

  1. Bugs ( & small new features that are needed).
  2. Create ways to get better items (e.g. little stories etc.).
  3. More challenging planets & fares.
  4.  Main story.
  5. More dialog, NPCs, planets, mobs & music.

Of course in reality some of this will get more time than other things (e.g. bugs might turn out to take up a lot of time) but I will attempt to keep this spread even (if in a pickle higher priority areas will get more time than lower priority ones).

This also means that I probably won't introduce any new big features or make many UI changes (depending on how needed and how much work these things are).

I won't be releasing new versions on a regular basis because this greatly complicates development. I will release versions (when needed) for bug-fixes or urgent features or changes but these won't include most of the work that I'm doing on point 2, 3, 4 & 5 above. V0.8 will be mainly fixes (if needed)  and urgent features. V0.9 will be the first release with the main-story in it (completed but maybe with  some issues).


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