New version 0.7.3

No new content in this one. I've been mainly hunching over the problem with high res. displays. The problem was actually two problems:

1. Windows scaling (when not set to 100%) makes the game too big to fit on the screen and throws the text-rendering off.

2. When the UI is scaled (by TAXINAUT itself) to fit neatly on a bigger screen, the text-rendering changes a bit causing the last line of some dialogs not to be displayed.

All this does not refer to the effect of words suddenly jumping to the next line when they don't fit anymore on the current line during the dialog text animation. This is as it's supposed to be (at least that is how it's programmed. I want it different but it doesn't have high priority).


- Fix #202003082: Last line of text in dialogs not showing / being
- Fix #202003071: Killer thug will crash game because rob.js is trying
  to pass a double to PlayerWrapper.steal(...) where only an int can be
- Fix #202003081: Crash when clicking land button while over gas-giant.
- Fix UI doesn't fit on screen when Windows scaling is set to more than

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Mar 12, 2020


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