First release version 0.7.2!


- Fix save-game won't load because of mistake in version comparison.
- Added 'find birdie' option to Vramirez dialog.
- Unnecessary topic-recording markers removed from Moon-man dialogs.
- Dungeon set 141 now has dungeon look instead of mushrooms. - Fix interacting with Mob train landing animation only shows you
  landing with the head of the train.
- Fix Mobs possibly switching away from Player just before landing
  animation (when interacting with them) when it's in a dungeon.
  (Only saw this on the Dragon for some reason).
- Fix unable to leave Site after dying because preventTakeOff=true
  still from Security setting it. (When attacking Security while they
  fine you and getting killed).
- Labyrinth of Khotan Dragon now has a name and proper portrait and
  some dialog instead of weird NPC portrait.
- Fix Moon-man advice not working correctly if you already have some of
  the Items (e.g. anti-grav compressor, warp-core, etc.).
- Birdie Item.
- Tired Item that causes blackouts and hygiene problems.
- Removed blackouts from Hungry.
- You can now skip tutorial if you've already completed it once.
- Older version of TAXINAUT will now not load newer version save-games.
- Fix SetDefinitionRepository reporting wrong per rating loaded set
  numbers upon loading.
- SetDefinitionRepository reports per region set numbers when loading.
- Run a test to show performance, log and text-rendering examples and
  put these in so user can email them.
- PlanetarySetDefinition can now be assigned to one or more regions.
- SetRepositoryEditorUI now includes a GalacticRegionPicker to select
  the regions a PlanetarySetDefinition is assigned to.
- 'TRADE' Topic at top of NPC Topic list has been replaced with the
  'ADIOS' button now showing 'CONTINUE' which will take you back to the
  TradeUI same as when talking to bar-clientele.
- Fix NullPointerException when PickUp is a Thug and robs you
  immediately and you attack.
- Fix when PickUp is a Thug that robs immediately the MapViewPopupFrame
  is for use with scenery but no scenery shows.
- Fix doesn't add the SiteDefinition to the
  Player.siteDefinitionDiscovered set (only Site.discoverer() did) so
  using SiteRecords to discover Sites would cause their Icon still not
  to show in the ZoneDetails' SiteDefinitionGrid.
- Fix Galaxy.ensureEachSetIsAssignedOnce causing slight variations in
  the generated Galaxy (from same seed) because it iterates over an
  HashSet which although I know it has no order I would assume adding
  the same elements in the same order would return those elements in
  the same order each time your run that code. But it doesn't. This
  wasn't really an issue because it doesn't impact on keeping loaded
  Galaxies the same as when they were saved but I'de like it to be the
  same for the same seed everytime anyway.
- now also read/write StarSystem.nhabitable and
  StarSystem.nplanets and read reinitializes the prec, stdefs and
  zoneOverrides arrays according to these values and populates them
  where appropriate with what's recorded in the save-game. This should
  fix any possible issues with using
  StarSystem.convertUnhabitablePlanet(...) which can now be called at
  any time and the changes will be saved and loaded correctly.
- Fix possible (but never occurred) crash or problem when placing
  cryxex planet (with crashed ship) if picked StarSystem didn't have
  enough habitable planets. It converts unhabitable ones now instead of
  replacing habitable ones and it checks whether there's enough
  unhabitable ones to do this.
- Fix possibility of cryxex system station being replaced by cryxex
  planet leaving system without a station.
- Density of StarSystems is now determined by the Galaxy background so
  that the more prominent the nebula the higher the star-density and
  vice-versa where black areas have very few stars. So the density of
  stars now follows the placement of nebulas on the GalaxyMap.
- Removed useless nlocs member from Galaxy.
- Galaxy.assignYetUnassingedPlanetarySet should now work better and
  create new StarSystems if the Galaxy runs out. It also now converts
  unhabitable planets to habitable when assigning a set to a StarSystem
  instead of replacing an existing habitable planet with the new set.
- PlanetarySetPlacement.pickAndSetup implementation now use more robust
  ways of getting and adapting a StarSystem for their purpose. Similar
  to assignYetUnassignedPlanetarySet(...) pickAndSetup implementations
  now add new StarSystems when out of useable StarSystems and will
  convert unhabitable planets instead of replacing habitable ones.
- Fix time becoming possibly negative or in the passed because resume()
  is called more than once or at the same time by multiple threads.
- Player.takeOff(...) is asked to wait for the take-off to complete now
  properly waits for the MapViewPopupFrame.clear() to be finished.
- Fix start system not setup properly (e.g. yamo planet not called yamo
  and/or more than one station in the system).
- Removed passing starting set of planets to StarSystem.generate(...)
  and just setup start system through PlanetarySetPlacements just like
  covenant of light etc.
- Fix 'out of unrecorded StarSystems' warning not clickable.
- Starting Player portrait is now 241.png.
- 'PRINT SCREEN' key now uses TaxiUI.screenshot() and writes the
  resulting file to the taxinaut temp directory instead of relying on
  the OS to do something with 'PRINT SCREEN'.
- Fix TaxiUI.screenshot() creating wrong size screenshot.
- Fix discovery sound while loading or creating new game.
- Rename 'tutorial lady' to 'office clerk'.
- Fix crash when starting new game while in tutorial.
- Fix interrupting tutorial to start a new game or load a game causes a
  corrupt save-game to be created.
- Intro text about 'birdy' when starting a new game.
- Fix DialogText anchor not drawn after being killed by NAAnimal.
- Removed sections on sight-seeing- and sleep-item from manual.
- Renamed History DayRecord 'score consumed for fuel' to 'score lost
  from bleeding VUDU'.
- Fix Thug not saying anything after you attack them when being robbed
  by them and they have no counteractions.
- Clicking NPC in ShopUI (e.g. bar customer) doesn't sound button-click
- Fix trader bell sounding again when coming back from talking to
  customer at Bar or Inn.
- Fix ZoneDetails clicking SiteDefinitionGrid bright Site does not
  show the SiteInfo for that Site when it's in a PlanetaryDungeon.
- Default chance of Security spawning if none is nearby when using
  heavy weapons (e.g. GatlingGun) is now 20% instead of 50%.
- Using GuidedMissile now alerts Security just like GatlingGun.
- Tutorial lady has less grating voice (for Sean).
- Changed tutorial a little to make it a bit shorter.
- Fix status-bar attention frame permanently gone after going into
  main-menu during tutorial.
- Fix engine sound coming on when landed, during tutorial when coming
  back from game-menu.

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Mar 05, 2020


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