New version 0.6.92

Some big changes in this version. The way the situation when you have landed is now shown should be to your liking.


- Fix tutorial and manual talking about blinking triangle for
  destination marker but should be blinking square.
- Fix new game 'lose character...' warning not closed when choosing
  'yes' to start a new game.
- Fix 'Borneo Nebula' still mentioned where it should be 'Kyprei-41
  galaxy' or just 'galaxy'.
- Destination marker on minimap is now green square to avoid confusing
  it with an arrow.
- Player marker on minimap is now more tapered and pointing in
  direction player is moving.
- Fix Hunter (Federal Security) sill ramming into Player even if Player
  is standing still when Hunter had to stop for Traffic Mob just before
  intercepting the Player.
- Fix stun-effect (and probably any other) still active after player
  revives (when security catches player by stun-bolt and then kills the
  Player because of judgement for example).
- Fix preventTakeOff still active after pacifiying security so you still
  can't leave although Security says/does nothing.
- Changed Security behavior to actually attack to perform termination.
- More consistent giving and removing of Judgements when you attack or
  defend against security.
- Security have more counterActions and body-armor and laser.
- Added some checks etc. to make sure TransportTicket departure-time
  is not something weird or off.
- Clearer description on TransportTicket when it has expired.
- Clicking expired transport ticket shows YesNoPane telling you the
  transport has already departed and giving you the option to remove
  the ticket.
- Fix mobs that shouldn't be playable are playable.
- Fix NPCs (woar) spawning when landing in water.
- BaseSiteUI is now called SiteUI.
- Fix possible ConcurrentModificationException on ContainerPane
  childPanes list when clicking little BookmarkButton because it adds
  the description-entry dialog to the parent (SiteUI) which might
  happen at the same time as the childPanes are being drawn.
- Fix bookmark description entry dialog (when clicking small bookmark
  button on SiteUI etc.) appearing behind other UI elements (e.g. the
- New item nofification ends a bit higher to fit better with new
  SiteUI size.
- Fix sometimes StarSystem MapView not in perspective (after teleport
  or loading save-game that starts on a StarSystem map).
- Checkpoint also updates quit-save so that in case of crash or player
  quitting game when it can't be saved, it was at least saved at the
  last checkpoint.
- Fix Landing charging you each time you load a save-game that was
  created at a Landing (because you basically land again).
- Replaced calls to 'new BufferedImage(...)' with
  calls to app.createImage(...).
- InteractiveSiteDefinition can now define a scenery image.


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